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PaTLA: fostering public awareness and understanding of the role of the trial lawyer in the administration of justice.

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Oppose Corman/Piccola Joint Liability Bill

(12/2/2023) -- House to Run Joint & Several Bill On Tuesday, the Pennsylvania House is likely to run House Bill 138

(11/29/2005) -- Letter to the Hill on Joint Liability A letter sent Monday to House and Senate members precidely states PaTLA's position on Joint Liability.

(11/28/2005) -- The Pa. Senate will very soon vote on legislation on joint liability reform


Change to Work Comp coming up for vote

(11/11/2022) -- On Nov. 8, the House Labor Cttee. reported out HB 2301

Caps Analysis: Referendums in other states:

(6/01/2023) -- Illinois House and Senate pass medical malpractice legislation on caps for noneconomic damages

(11/3/2023) -- A mixed result on malpractice referendums in four other states [A members-only exclusive]

Action Alerts:

June 14, 2023--Fight caps on non-economic damages

Legislative Scorecard:

(3/16/2004) -- Bills in the Pennsylvania Legislature impacting on consumers and injured victims

Legislative News:

(5/25/2005) -- President's Message: New report in Journal of American Medical Association on patient deaths proves there is much to be done to reduce medical errors

(8/10/2023) -- Legis. Update: Caps threat and more facing injured workers and consumers in the fall

(7/12/2022) -- PaTLA's New President vows to continue fight for consumers, President's Msg.

(5/3/2023) -- President's Message: Newspaper editorial boards add their voice to calls for halt to action on caps

(4/19/2004) -- President's Message: Medical Society admits there's no exodus of PA doctors

(4/12/2022) -- President's Message: Is medical malpractice crisis over?

(4/5/2023) -- President's Message: Your cases can help us send a message to legislators

(3/29/2004) -- President's Message: As elections heat up; Pa. consumers face new assaults on their rights

(3/23/2004) -- President's Message: Med-mal filings down dramatically; pro-consumer auto legislation on the horizon

(3/17/2004) -- Consumers, Injured victims rally against caps on March 9

(2/23/2004) -- President's Message: Where will you be on March 9? 



Separation of powers: Restrictions on legislative regulation of attorneys' fees in med-mal actions (12/31/02)


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