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Governor made right choice in sending back SB 435

President's Message

by Nancy H. Fullam, Esq.


Nancy H. Fullam, a shareholder in the Center City law firm of McEldrew & Fullam, P.C., is the President of the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association.

Bill would have protected pockets of wrongdoers at the expense of injured victims

(3/28/2006) -- As you likely have heard, last week, Governor Rendell did the right thing for those who have been hurt by another’s negligence or malfeasance: He vetoed the elimination of joint liability.

In his veto message, the Governor wrote that he did so “because it does not effectively balance the critical needs of victims who should be adequately compensated for their injuries with the reasonable needs of businesses to limit their exposure to liability for damages caused by other parties.”

He’s right.

SB 435 was a bad bill and should have been vetoed.

Predictably, the Governor has already come under heavy attack by those who want to take away an individual’s rights, and we recently learned that the same groups behind the push for caps on all non-economic damages are gearing up for a new fight.

It’s clear that those that want to take away a victim’s rights - and hurt us in the process - will continue to fight.  But for all of us who believe in helping people, we know that the Governor did the right thing and we should all thank him.


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