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S.B. 5 is introduced; PaTLA to offer pro-consumer legislation


For a full text of S.B. 5, click here.

On March 16, Sen. Robert J. Thompson (R-Chester) introduced S.B. 5 (the so-called “Lawsuit Abuse Reform Act”). If enacted, this onerous bill would abolish joint and several liability, virtually eliminate punitive damages, establish a 15-year statute of repose, reduce awards to present worth, and raise additional hurdles for injured victims. Also, at a press conference held that morning, Sen. Thompson with Sens. Jeffrey E. Piccola (R-Dauphin), David J. Brightbill (R-Lebanon) announced their effort to change certain Supreme Court Rules of Civil Procedure and Rules of Evidence to favor big business and the medical community.

PaTLA has developed a comprehensive plan to combat this attack on the civil justice system. Our strategy includes public education, lobbying and grassroots organizing. This plan will require substantial financial support from all members. In early June, it is anticipated that pro-consumer legislation will be introduced to provide consumers and victims with much-needed relief rather than eliminating their rights to a fair trial by jury.

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