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PaTLA is sending case studies to legislators demonstrating the unfairness of damage caps. These cases tell the real stories, in words and pictures, of victims of medical malpractice whose lives have already been turned upside down by the carelessness of others. A cap on non-economic damages would limit these victims' ability to recover for the pain and suffering they have endured. To view, print or download these compelling stories, click below.

David's Story
Michael's Story
Loan's Story
Lori's Story
Marc's Story

Alton's Story

Don's Story
Joe's Story
Loretta's Story
Caitlyn's Story
Marlaina's Story
Johnny's Story
Madeline's Story
Paula's Story
Charles' Story
Kaitlynn's Story

Marie's Story
Kathleen's Story
Bill's Story
Ellen's Story
Monica's Story

Shirley's Story 

Janet's Story

Fuzzy's Story

Heather's Story

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