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    The House Republican Policy Committee is holding a series of four hearings to address damage caps. The first hearing took place at Holy Redeemer Hospital in Montgomery County on Feb. 27. Additional hearings were to be held March 19 in Pittsburgh, March 21 in Lancaster, and March 24 in Scranton. PaTLA has been very successful in recruiting injured victims to attend these hearings. 

State Representative Roy Cornell, Chairman of the House Majority Policy Committee, said testimony from the hearings will be passed onto Governor Rendell with the hope that the Governor will declare an ´┐Żemergency session.´┐Ż If a caps bill passes during an emergency session, an amendment to the Constitution to cap damages could be on a public referendum this November.
PaTLA President David Lutz requested that PaTLA be permitted to present the testimony of a victim and counsel at the hearings scheduled in Lancaster, Pittsburgh, and Scranton. PaTLA has also worked behind the scenes so clients could attend the hearings as spectators to give legislators a true picture of the damages that victims suffer.

Testimony at the Montgomery County hearing focused on why caps should be enacted. No opposition testimony was heard. Several PaTLA members and their clients attended as audience members. Their presence was clearly known to the committee members. Victims spoke with the press after the hearing to tell their stories.

The House Policy Committee will take written testimony in the form of letters and memos. Please have your clients communicate with Representatives Smith and Cornell, advising them that the medical malpractice insurance crisis will not be solved by a Constitutional amendment permitting caps on damages, and that the Committee should focus on patient safety and insurance reform measures. 

The letters should be sent to the following two Representatives:

Honorable Samuel H. Smith 
House P.O. Box 202020
Room 121 Main Capitol Building
Harrisburg, PA 17120
Fax: (717) 787-6564

Honorable Roy Cornell 
Room 120 Main Capitol Building
Harrisburg, PA 17120
Fax: (717) 787-7375

Please act today! We must let the members of the General Assembly know that caps are not the solution. If you have any questions, please contact PaTLA, (215) 546-6451. 




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