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ATLA reports success with proposed awards for first 14 9/11 cases handled by TLC

Proposed awards in the first 14 Septemeber 11th cases handled by volunteer Trial Lawyers Care attorneys were received on Sept. 30. The awards were significantly higher than the Presumptive Loss Tables.

�This is not just about New York. It is about America,� said ATLA President Mary E. Alexander. �These awards now make it possible for these 14 families to rebuild some semblance of their former lives and to have financial security in the future. It is the mark of a great and generous nation that the victims of these horrendous attacks are being dealt with in such a fair and prompt way.�
Trial Lawyers Care President Larry S. Stewart said that the awards prove that the published tables are only estimates that can be increased due to circumstance.

All 14 victims made under $100,000 per year, with the lowest income being $14,000. The average proposed award is $1.75 million. Awards ranged from $600,000 to $3.9 million. Trial Lawyers Care expects the average award to be over $2 million dollars as awards are made across the various income ranges.



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