Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice: 
Law & Forms, 2004 Revision

by Clifford A. Rieders, Esq.
Published by the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association
Price: $199 for members; $249 for nonmembers (plus shipping & tax); #3442004, ISBN 0-9759758-3-8

Features & benefits:

  • Certificate of Merit, Venue & Remittitur
  • 27-chapter book examines every issue critical to your practice
  • More cases from Common Pleas, Appellate Court and Federal District Court
  • Over 700 pp.
  • Forms for every type of Med-Mal case including complaints, interrogatories, HIPAA forms, points for charge & more
  • Written by an expert
  • Bonus CD w/ fully searchable text and all forms
  • Factual cause charge & List of judges who have used it
  • Written by experts

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Certificate of Merit, Venue & Remittitur update
Thoroughly examines Certificate of Merit, Venue, and Remittitur plus recent legislation, Rules of Civil Procedure & more.

Sample forms
Hundreds of pages of complaints, interrogatories, points for charge & more.

Bonus CD
Fully searchable text and links to all cases.