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Fundraising entities have a duty to warn school children of dangers of going door to door

Parents of young girl who was raped while going can proceed with negligence claim against fundraising company

(2/9/2023) - The parents of a 10-year-old girl who was brutally raped and beaten by a man while going door to door selling candy as part of a school fundraiser can proceed with a negligence claim against the fundraising companies, the state Supreme Court has ruled. In R.W. v. Manzek, the Court on Dec. 28 reversed the decision of the trial court granting the defendants’ preliminary objections and dismissing the case. In an 18-pg. majority opinion, agreed with the parents that the fundraising entities “knew or should have known of the danger of exploiting children as fundraisers” yet they “failed to warn the students or their parents” either verbally or through written materials.

A 2pg. dissenting opinion was filed by Justice Cappy.






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