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2005 Annual Convention

PaTLA's 2005 Convention was held July 6-10 in Philadelphia. Among the many events were the Awards Dinner & Dance, the Welcome Reception, and the President's Party aboard the Moshulu.

 Member Rich Catalano,
 of Pittsburgh, with his
 daughter, Lauren

 PaTLA member Stephan
 Matanovic, of 
 Philadelphia, with his
 wife, Amanda during the
 cocktail reception.
 PaTLA member Dennis
 Feeley and wife, Deane,
 of Easton, dance to the
 music of Latin band
 Synthesis after the
 awards ceremony.
 Past President Stewart
 Eisenberg accepts the
 Rosenberg Award from
 trial lawyer and
 incoming chancellor of
 the Philadelphia Bar
 Association, Alan
 Morris Finkel (left), of
 Florida, with wife Bonnie,
 and member Robert
 Munley, with daughter
 Caroline, also a
 member, both of
 PaTLA President Nancy
 Fullam, of Philadelphia,
 and Immediate Past
 President, Jack
 Gallagher, of Media,
 enter the Awards Dinner
 Cocktail Party.
 PaTLA members
 Rosalind and Michael
 Kaplan, Jerry McHugh,
 and Nancy Fullam, all of
 PaTLA member Josh
 Geist (left), of
 Pittsburgh, with fiancee
 Susan Sachetti, and
 member Mitchell Clair,
 of Philadelphia.
 Past President Bill
 Goodrich, of Pittsburgh,
 speaks during the
 Awards ceremony.
 PaTLA member John
 Zervanos and his wife
 Tricia, of Philadelphia.
 Amicus Curiae Award
 winner Scott Cooper, of
 Harrisburg, with his wife
 Rosenberg Award winner
 Stewart Eisenberg, of
 Philadelphia, with his
 wife Sally.
 PaTLA members Alan
 Feldman and Michael
 Goss, both of
 Past President Ted
 Schwartz, of
 Philadelphia, and ATLA
 President Todd Smith
 before the Awards
 Past President Len
 Sloane, of Media, and
 member Mitchell Clair,
 of Philadelphia.
 Member Rhonda Hill
 Wilson (left), of
 Philadelphia, ATLA
 President Todd Smith,
 Kim Paulhamus and Past
 President Cliff Rieders,
 of Williamsport, and
 PaTLA lobbyist Tom 
 PaTLA Comptroller John
 Quinn, of Pittsburgh, and
 Maggie Jayson.
 ATLA President Todd
 Smith speaks to the
 crowd during the Annual
 Awards Dinner & Dance.
 Scott Cooper and his
 daughter, Leah, before
 the Awards dinner.

 PaTLA member Larry 
 Kelly, of New Castle,
 Susan Sachetti, Rich
 Schubert, and Josh
 Geist, all of Pittsburgh.

 Member Tom Gowen
 (left), of Philadelphia,
 Past President Tom
 Wilson, of West Chester,
 and Dale Larrimore, of
 Member Michelle Quinn,
 of Kingston, with
 daughter Emily and
 husband, Dave Aikens, also a PaTLA member.
 PaTLA member Tim
 Conboy (left) with Ed
 and Marge Zemprelli.



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