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City bears responsibility for fall on brick crosswalk, Commonwealth Ct. rules

(5/11/2022) - A crosswalk that crosses a city street that has been adopted as a state highway is the responsibility of the City of Philadelphia’s to maintain, the Commonwealth Court ruled in Ryals v. City of Philadelphia and Commonwealth Dept. of Transportation, and SEPTA on May 7, 2004. In its decision, the Court determined that the City—not PennDOT—is liable for an injury that occurred to a Philadelphia woman who tripped and fell over an upraised part of the crosswalk.

In a 13-page opinion written by Judge Renee L. Cohen, the Court determined “although the crosswalk does form the surface of the roadway, given its traffic control function, it is the city responsibility to maintain.”

A copy of the Court’s opinion may be obtained from the Appellate Court’s Web site.Appellate Court’s Web site.



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