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We need every PaTLA member’s help to

defeat unfair caps!

Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee sent to the full Senate a constitutional amendment that could be used to impose arbitrary caps on non-economic damages in every civil lawsuit. 

As part of PaTLA’s plan to defeat these caps, we are sponsoring a rally on March 9th at 1:00 PM to demonstrate to our legislators the widespread opposition to them.  PLEASE HELP US MAKE THIS RALLY A SUCCESS!

Here’s what PaTLA will provide to every person who attends:

1)      A packet of information that contains background information on the caps issue, potential talking points and answers to likely questions;
Directions to the Capitol in Harrisburg as well as a map of the Capitol complex, including nearby parking and handicapped entrances and facilities;
A listing of state Senators, including where their offices in the Capitol are.  The Senate will be in session that day and PaTLA members should plan on visiting their Senator.  (NOTE: Appointments are likely necessary); and
Someone who will help greet all rally participants and direct them as necessary.

In addition, transportation can be provided as necessary for individuals and groups who want to come to Harrisburg.

Here’s what we need from every PaTLA member:

1)      A commitment to bring as many people as possible to the rally;
The number of people who are coming;
A contact name for the group;
The names and hometown of any victims who are coming; and
Whether or not transportation will be needed and for how many.

Please fax back the attached sheet to 215-546-5430 (ATTN: “RALLY”) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE BECAUSE WE NEED TO PLAN PROPERLY.  If you don’t know which victims you can bring, just commit to bringing some and fax it back.  You can add details later.

Thank you in advance for standing up for the rights of all of our clients.

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