Amicus Update: Pa. Supreme Court hears argument on workers’ comp and product safety cases

(3/17/2005) - The Pennsylvania Supreme Court heard argument last week on three cases that will impact on Pennsylvania workers, consumers and their families.

PaTLA’s Amicus Curiae Committee has presented briefs in three cases: G. Phillips v. Cricket, Panyko v. WCAB (U.S. Airways), and Snizaski v. WCAB (Rox Coal Co.). In each case, a trial lawyer has volunteered his time and expertise to write legal brief supporting injured workers and consumers and furthering the mission of the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association.

G. Phillips v. Cricket is a products liability case concerning children, some of whom were killed and others who were seriously injured in a fire that they started using a cigarette lighter that was not "child-proof." The issue before the Court involves the doctrine of implied warranty and the extension of liability to persons outside of the line-of-privity (such as children in this case).

In Panyko, the issue to be decided involves whether an error of law was committed in denying Claimant/Petitioner's Claim Petition when there was clear and uncontradicted evidence in the record that a mental stimulus caused Claimant's physical injury as the restrictive abnormal working conditions rule has been unfairly extended to mental-physical injury/disability cases.

In Snizaski, the issue is whether the insurance carrier must commence payment within thirty (30) days of the date of an Award by the WCAB or whether the carrier may await a decision on their Request for Supersedeas.

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