2004-05 Amicus Curiae Committee

The mission of the Amicus Curiae Committee is to file briefs in the appellate courts to support cases, which are important to PaTLA members.  Through its Amicus Curiae Committee, the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association strives to maintain a high profile in the Commonwealth and federal courts by promoting, through advocacy, the rights of individuals and the goals of its membership.  The Committee decides which cases to support through a fairly complex voting process. 

Thomas C. Baumann, Chair
Scott B. Cooper, Vice Chair 
Michelle L. Altenpohl
John A. Bednarz, Jr.
Raymond M. Bily, Jr.
Daniel K. Bricmont
Thomas P. Brown 
Arthur L. Bugay
Lawrence R. Chaban 
Mitchell S. Clair 
Gary A. DeVito
Michael J. Foley 
Gene E. Goldenziel 
Stephen M. Greecher, Jr. 
Fred H. Hait
David C. Harrison 
Gregory B. Heller 
Terry S. Hyman 
Rosalind T. Kaplan 
Laurence M. Kelly 
P. Timothy Kelly 
Rodney L. Knier 
Robert A. Krebs 
Dale G. Larrimore 
Paul Lauricella 
Joan Elaine Lesnock
John T. McLane
Timothy D. McNair 
Mark E. Milsop
Frank P. Murphy 
Jill E. Nagy 
Richard L. Orwig 
John W. Pollins, III
Samuel H. Pond
George G. Rassias 
Clifford A. Rieders 
Leonard A. Sloane 
Louis M. Tarasi, Jr.